Songa Catholic Grounds, Marsabit, Kenya

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When and why was Sfhi founded?

Sfhi was founded by John Ltailen Letore. The decision to initiate was driven to effectively address the growing health risks aggravated by high levels of illiteracy. He created Sfhi as an NGO in 2016 and opened to the public in the year 2017.

What is your vision and mission statement?

Sfhi is a Kenyan based NGO with the mission of promoting community health and wholeness by supporting and advancing good health, wellness education and disease prevention.

Our vision is improved access to health services for the poor. We link the poor to health services, provide basic commodities and conduct health talks.

What does Sfhi stand for?

Sfhi stands for Solution for Health International

What is your contact information?




+254717 172 050


Solution for Health International, P.o Box xxx-60500, Marsabit

Is Sfhi a registered charity in Kenya?

Solution for Health International is a Kenyan based NGO with Reg. No. OP.218/051/15-233/10253 and acquired full charitable status in 2016.

In what countries do you operate?

Our current programs are Kenya-based, and we have active operational office in Marsabit County in Kenya and headquartered at Songa Location.

How many participants benefit from the programs?

This number changes constantly, so in order to provide an accurate and current number of participants, please CONTACT US directly.

Do you implement programs yourself or partner with organizations?

Considering the magnitude of the issues handled, we value the work of other partners who are serious to ensure there is improved access to health services for the poor. Our practice is instrumental and we engage new and diverse voices, perspectives and ways of working.

Do you engage volunteers in your work?

Yes, we rely on volunteers heavily and appreciate every single moment. Whether you are looking to lend a helping hand or participate in our programs, we have an option for you. Check GET INVOLVED section in our website to see how you can join us in making a difference in improving access to health services for the poor.

What else can I do to help?

People have raised money for the poor through their workplaces, schools, religious communities, friends and families. If you are interested in organizing a fundraising activity or campaign, we’d love to hear for you.

You can also help by staying updated on our work and sharing it with others you think would be interested in improving health services for the poor. You can stay updated through our emails, blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lastly, you can help by referring great talent. We’re always looking to meet exceptional people who are excited about our vision.

Do you plan to expand your programs to other counties in Kenya?

Yes, our current programs are Marsabit County based. We are very ambitious to extend our programs to other Counties in the future as our funding sources expands.

What are modes through which Sfhi raises funds?

  • Charge membership dues
  • Fundraising events
  • Voluntary private donations
  • Mobile fundraising
  • Grants from local agencies
  • Expand our programs to other geographical locations

How can a corporate contribute to Sfhi?

  • Donations towards our programs
  • Employee giving
  • Lend services and facilities
  • Partner with Sfhi and lets together work to ensure the poor have access to health services

What are the plans for the future?

  • Establish medical clinics
  • Expand our programs to other geographical locations