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Fukuza Funza

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Fukuza Funza (FUFU) Initiative is a disabling jigger infestation initiative to having a sustainable healthy hygiene living. We are implementing this project in partnership with Bright Future Foundation Samburu.

Hundreds of rural dwellers are living with jiggers (caused by fleas) in their bodies. They are unable to walk or even work. This often results in trauma and isolation resulting in low self esteem.

Poverty and poor hygiene are the major causes of jiggers. To completely eradicate jiggers SFHI will undertake different activities to change the lives of those affected. The project activities include; identifying those infested with jiggers, intervention methods, training and educating the community, empowering the communities and finally rehabilitating the victims back to normal lives. Through all this activities, the main objective is to eradicate and halt the spread of jiggers leading to healthy living.

Our Appeal to Strengthened FUFU Initiative  

We appeal partnership in;

  • medication
  • sanitation equipment
  • capacity building
  • shoes and clothing
  • fumigation materials
  • volunteering

Our treatment and rehabilitaion model