Songa Catholic Grounds, Marsabit, Kenya

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How we Work

Regardless of where we work, our approach is the same: we help vulnerable communities to access health services and providing them with basic health commodities through our strong partnerships and shared decision making. Our field teams hold regular community meetings, and find a way for every group to live a healthy life.

Considering the magnitude of the issues handled, the actions of other stakeholders as well the appreciation that “Sfhi” cannot do everything alone due to limited resources, focus interventions is an inevitable option for us.

We value the work of other partners who are serious to ensure there is improved access to health services for the poor. Our practice is instrumental and we engage new and diverse voices, perspectives and ways of working. Our stand is that our work must never be challenged by lack of resource and we commit ourselves to sustainable financial and fundraisings strategies.

We extend our network to County Government relevant departments in implementation of our programs. We extensively engage the department of health and other partners in health to make sure we the poor have access to quality health services.