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Okoa Granny

Elderly people being a part of an important segment of the Kenyan society have found themselves neglected, abandoned, forgotten, stigmatized, abused and even lonely. As they live through their twilight years, they look back to a rich heritage and legacy that they had over to the present and future generations. They have served this country well and have expended the energy of their youth, middle age and later years in founding this great nation of Kenya. They are the bearers of our cultural heritage and in them they hold the richness of our history and identity as Kenyan society.

Yet, the conditions in which most of them live in leave a lot to be desired. The sacrifices and efforts they have put in building our society does not match the state of neglect, destitution and what they find themselves in today. Collapsed social networks that existed in the extended family system, an exclusive social security system that leaves them out, harsh economic conditions and persistent poverty, abandonment by care givers through rural to urban migration in search of greener pastures are just but some of the factors that have continued to worsen the state of the elderly people. The resulting marginalization has left the elderly people without resources, proper support structures and opportunities for a dignified life in their golden years.

Older persons suffer from poor health and they are unable to access proper nutrition which increases their health risks. Through this project we give companionship and love to elderly persons and increase their accessibility to health services.

Our target is vulnerable elderly people from age of 65 and above who are;

  • Unable to meet their own needs due to health or social problems
  • Homebound, lonely and depressed due to illness, neglect, abandonment or abuse
  • Immobile and those who needs basic items

Under this component, we undertake the following initiatives;

  • Linking elderly people to health services
  • Hand out basic needs to the vulnerable elderly persons
  • Hold free medical camps