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Adopt A Tree Campaign

Trees are invaluable assets to our communities. They give us flowers, fall colors, and lovely scents. They provide homes for birds, squirrels, butterflies, and other wildlife. Their branches create beautiful shapes that soften the landscape. They shade and cool our streets and buildings and insulate our homes from cold winds

Planting a tree is one of the most powerful ways in which you can make a difference for the environment. But we’re not asking you to plant a tree, we’re asking you to adopt one.

That’s because we need your help not just in planting the sapling, but in nurturing it to life and being responsible for its growth.

The Adopt a Tree Campaign was initiated with the aim of encouraging both individuals and organizations to plant and care for native species of trees.

Our volunteers through Adopt A Tree Model play a critical role in helping us improve the rural forest. They;

  • represent SFHI at community events and talk with people about Adopt A Tree Model. Share tree knowledge and inspire others to take action
  • help capture our great tree moments
  • hands on planting and stewardship events
  • assist on tree tours and other educational events

You can too “Adopt A Tree” and help make this world a greener place.

How to Adopt A Tree as Individuals

How to Adopt A Tree in School

How to Adopt A Tree in Organizations