Each year, Elliot Health System’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Counsel awards its “APRN of the Year Award.” This year, in honor of the health care heroes who have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee is recognizing eight nurse practitioners who work at Senior Health Primary Care. They are:

  1. Lisa Beaulieu
  2. Heidi Compos
  3. Shannon Duclos
  4. Prisca Langa
  5. Sonia Joslin
  6. Everline Osanya
  7. Cynthia Sokul
  8. Deborah Moore

These nurse practitioners were nominated by Charles Mills, MD, Medical Director of Elliot Palliative Care Services. In his nomination letter, Dr. Mills says, “I have been privileged to witness many of them in their work directly. I am humbled and honored to notate their accomplishment in this extraordinary year. Each of them is due our unending thanks for their dedication. I am proud to consider them all my peers in clinical care and life.”

These APRNs have worked to protect and care for patients, they have put their personal lives on the back burner, and they have focused and excelled in their clinical expertise.

Dr. Mills says this group has also been a huge conduit in connecting isolated patients to their families. “They represent the highest ideals, they give themselves sacrificially in the care of patients in this very difficult time that family and patients are struggling. I can’t say enough about them. I’m awed by their level of commitment in their clinical expertise and their caring and concerns for those around them,” he says.

Please take a moment and join us in congratulating the team at Senior Health Primary Care for this achievement!


“I am so proud to be part of this team of dedicated Nurse Practitioners.”

Lisa Beaulieu, APRN         


“The recognition by my Peers for this award has been the best thing to happen to me in 2020. I feel honored to work with such a hardworking, caring, resilient group.”

Heidi Compos, APRN


“I am honored and grateful to win the NP of the Year Award, it is a privilege and honor to care for the senior population.”

Shannon Duclos, APRN


“Proud to be a provider in the pandemic of 2020.”

Prisca Langa, APRN 


“I am humbled that we have been chosen for this honor in the year of COVID.  I have worked with so many altruistic and heroic people this year and know that there are many more people other doing the same. I wish we could honor them all. God bless everyone!”

Joslin Sonia, APRN


“I am thankful for being part of this great team in 2020!! With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks for the support of the NPs.”

Everline Osanya, APRN


Deborah Moore, APRN

Cynthia Sokul, APRN