November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness month—an important time to heighten awareness of the disease, and to show support for the more than 6.2 million Americans who live with the disease. At Elliot Hospital, we are focused year-round on serving patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s with the best care possible.

Advancements at Elliot Hospital are underway, as we are providing new tools and enhancing our calm, safe environment to best support our patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and their caregivers. Our efforts lead to a positive patient experience, shorter length of stay and decreased readmission rates for dementia patients.

We are implementing best practices to provide optimal care for dementia patients by:

  • Engaging the care partner, asking pertinent questions about the patient with a tool called “This Is Me” to help providers assess how to best care for the patient
  • Staff education and training in best practices for dementia care
  • Prioritizing safety with dedicated areas and quiet time
  • Connecting our community with educational events and information to help with care outside of the hospital
  • Engaging the patient with activities that comfort and calm them while they are in the hospital

We are dedicated to providing compassionate, expert care to our patients, and helping families and caregivers. Outpatient care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease is available from the Elliot Memory and Mobility Center. For more information about services, and for more resources, click here.