SolutionHealth MyChart is a helpful service that allows you to connect with your doctor and your health information online, anytime. Using computer or smart device, you can sign in to SolutionHealth MyChart and see your test results, medications and your healthcare provider’s summary of your current health concerns and conditions. You can also schedule appointments, send messages to your doctor’s office, renew prescriptions, pay bills and more. It’s free. It’s secure. And it’s available 24 hours a day.

Signing up for SolutionHealth MyChart

Signing up to use MyChart is easy!  This section provides helpful information on the technical requirements and sign-up process.

There are a few ways to activate an account.  If you are a patient of a SolutionHealth member organization (see Where is SolutionHealth MyChart available above for a list of participating organizations), you can:

  • Request a code online at Simply click Sign Up Now found just under the log-on box and follow the prompts.
  • Ask your provider’s office to send an activation code to your email address and follow the instructions that will be sent to you.
  • If you have trouble setting up your account, our SolutionHealth MyChart Help Line is available Monday – Friday, 7:00a.m. to 7:00p.m by calling 888-243-7153.

Minimum technical requirements

The SolutionHealth MyChart portal is accessed via an internet connection on your computer (PC, Mac, etc) or through the MyChart app downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet.  Browser access is available through Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Mozilla Firefox 13.x and above, Safari 5.x on Mac/Windows, or Google Chrome 20.x and above.  Your browser must be capable of supporting 128-bit US encryption.

Forgot your password? 

  • On the SolutionHealth MyChart page, click “Forgot password” under the Sign-in This opens the Password Reset window.  Follow the instructions to change your password.

The SolutionHealth MyChart application is available for download on iPhone and Android platforms.  Follow the steps below.  Note: You must have a SolutionHealth MyChart account before logging into the mobile app.

  • Download the free MyChart Application from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store (search for “Epic MyChart”).
  • Select the MyChart Application
  • Accept the Apple or Android License Agreement
  • Select your location (New Hampshire).
  • Select MyChart SolutionHealth from the list of available healthcare providers.
  • Log in using your SolutionHealth MyChart account credentials.

*While the SolutionHealth MyChart mobile app includes variations of SolutionHealth MyChart features, it does not replace the web-based version of SolutionHealth MyChart. There are certain features that patients can access only in the web-based version.

Can’t log on?

  • Make sure you are logging in with the email you used when you activated your account, even if that email is now obsolete for you. Once you log in with that email, you can change it to your new email by selecting Change Account Settingsin the “Account Settings” section of the Menu.
  • Make sure your Caps Lock key is not on. The password field is case-sensitive.
  • Make sure you have not entered extra spaces in either your email, username, or password.

Forgot your username?

  • On the SolutionHealth MyChart page, click “Forgot username” under the Sign-in This will open the Recover Your MyChart Username window.  Follow the instructions in the window.

Accessing Accounts on SolutionHealth MyChart

This section includes information about how to access your account, or that of another (i.e., for a child, or other proxy access needs).  Also, you can find helpful information about how to update your information.

Patients 12 and older can have access to their own SolutionHealth MyChart accounts.  Once you create an account, you can access your SolutionHealth MyChart account at any time through the website or mobile application.   Once the application loads on your screen, you will be prompted to enter a username and password.  Enter the information and the application will open.

Parents of children aged 0-11 can have full access to their child’s account.  Once a child reaches 12 years of age and until age 17, account data in MyChart becomes limited for parental viewing, although parents will be able to get access to most of their child’s information by submitting a Medical Record Request Form Please follow these instructions:

Print and sign the Proxy Access Form [English  | Spanish].

Please send the completed document to the appropriate medical records location indicated at the bottom of the form. (Even if you have a Patient Advocate Liaison (PAL) form, you must complete a Proxy Access Form.)

The chart below helps explain what is available for viewing with proxy status

Feature Adult Proxy Access

(Parental view)

Teen Access

(Teen view)

E-mail Your Provider Yes Yes
View Lab Test Results No Yes
View Allergies No Yes
View Immunizations Yes Yes
View Future Appts Yes Yes
View Past Office Visits No Yes
Schedule Appointments Yes Yes
Track Ongoing Health Conc No Yes
Refill Prescriptions No Yes
Cancel Appointments Yes Yes

Please note, that if you are age 18 or older, and would like to grant another adult proxy access to your SolutionHealth MyChart account, you must follow the steps outlined below. SolutionHealth will not be responsible for directly establishing these types of accounts and the responsibility will be on you to grant another individual(s) proxy access to your patient portal account. SolutionHealth staff will only grant proxy access for adult(s) who (are) the legal guardian of a patient(s).

  • Open “Menu”, find “Sharing Hub”, then choose who you want to share your information with.
  • Choose how you want to share your health information and follow the prompts. The individuals you invite to have ongoing proxy access of your MyChart account must have their own MyChart account.
  • The proxy access for adult individual(s) will last for 365 days upon which a new form must be filled out. If you want to terminate this individual(s) proxy access before 365 days, you MUST notify your provider.
  • You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information you enter into the patient portal and the selection of the appropriate proxy individual(s) when sending a proxy access invitation. You further agree that if you grant proxy access to other individual(s) through this process you release SolutionHealth from any legal responsibility of liability relating to the access and release of your protected health information to the individual(s) you granted proxy access to.

Court-appointed legal guardian(s) may request proxy access to another individual’s SolutionHealth MyChart account by following the steps outlined below.

  • The legal guardian must fill out and submit the SolutionHealth MyChart Proxy form [English | Spanish].
  • The legal guardian will be required to provide documentation of their authority (for example, court documentation they were appointed guardian) before they can receive an access code to complete registration or access that individual(s)’s personal health information.
  • Access to another adult’s account remains in effect for 365 days, at which time their access will terminate, and they will need to complete the SolutionHealth MyChart Proxy form again, and certify they are still the individual(s) appointed legal guardian. SolutionHealth reserves the right to revoke proxy access at any time.

Because your email can be used as a username for your MyChart account and will receive email notifications related to your healthcare, you cannot use the same email address to sign up multiple family members.

This step provides another layer of security for you and your health information in MyChart. It is called Two Factor Authentication. A code will be sent to your phone or email based on your choice. Once you receive the code, you simply enter the code on the screen where it is requested, and you will be logged in to MyChart.

Managing Your SolutionHealth MyChart Account

Your account information can be viewed at any time.  Simply log-in to your account on the SolutionHealth MyChart portal and select “Your Menu.” Under Account Settings you will see the following information.

  • Personal Information
  • Security Settings
  • Personalize
  • Change Your Shortcuts
  • Linked Apps and Devices
  • Communications Preferences
  • Other Preferences

Click “Menu” at the top left, scroll down the Menu find the “Account Settings” section, choose “Personal Information” edit the desired information, and click “Save Changes” to update your medical record. The change is reflected immediately in your health record, and your provider’s office receives notification that you made changes.

The information in MyChart comes directly from entries to your medical record. You do have the ability to request changes. You can do so by sending a message in MyChart to your provider’s office, or by contacting the Medical Records Department. You can also access the Request Amendment Form by going to the following website.

To deactivate your MyChart account, log in to SolutionHealth MyChart and click on “Security Settings.  Click on “Deactivate your Account” and follow the prompts.

Can’t log on?

  • Make sure you are logging in with the email you used when you activated your account, even if that email is now obsolete for you. Once you log in with that email, you can change it to your new email by selecting Change Account Settingsin the “Account Settings” section of the Menu.
  • Make sure your Caps Lock key is not on. The password field is case-sensitive.
  • Make sure you have not entered extra spaces in either your email, username, or password.

Forgot your username?

  • On the SolutionHealth MyChart page, click “Forgot username” under the Sign-in This will open the Recover Your MyChart Username window.  Follow the instructions in the window.

Using SolutionHealth MyChart

SolutionHealth MyChart provides you with online access to your medical record. It can help you prepare for your appointments, participate in your healthcare, communicate with your providers and stay connected. Click on each topic below to learn more and check back often as the functionalities of SolutionHealth MyChart continue to grow!

SolutionHealth MyChart is your personal health connection to your medical record at SolutionHealth member organizations, including Elliot Health System, Southern New Hampshire Health, and Home Health & Hospice Care.  You can access portions of your electronic medical record via your Internet browser or through Apple and Android devices. You can also use SolutionHealth MyChart to schedule and view appointment information, send secure messages to your provider, renew prescriptions, and view and pay your bills.

Click the Menu icon at the top left of the page or click “Messages” at the top of MyChart and choose “Ask a question”.

Click on Medications at the top. Click on the green box that says, “Request refills”. Follow the prompts.

Many provider practices throughout the SolutionHealth system offer the ability for patients to self-schedule appointments using the SolutionHealth MyChart portal. If your provider practice offers this service, you can use the following process:

  • Click Visitsat the top of the screen
  • Click the Schedule an Appointmentgreen button.
  • Choose Yearly PhysicalFollow-up Visit, or, for anything else, click Request Other Appointmentto send a message to the office for any other type of appointment.
  • Please check back as we hope to add other provider practices soon!

***If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911. Online scheduling is only to be used for non-emergent visits.****

If your provider practice offers self-scheduling for appointments, you can use the following process to cancel or reschedule your appointment:

  • Click Visitsat the top of the screen.
  • Click Appointments and Visits.
  • Choose the upcoming visit you wish to cancel or reschedule.
  • Click to open it, choose the appropriate option, fill out the information, and click send. Your provider’s office will receive notification of your cancellation or rescheduled visit.
  • This service is currently available for Elliot Health System and Southern NH Health (Foundation Medical Partners) primary care practices only. Please check back as we hope to add other practices soon!

Note: You will not see the option to cancel appointments that are within the next 24-hour period. For appointments within 24 hours, please call the office directly to cancel.

Many provider practices and hospital outpatient departments throughout the SolutionHealth system offer eCheck-in for scheduled appointments.  If your provider practice or department uses eCheck-in, you will receive a notification that eCheck-in is available for your appointment 7 days prior and you will be asked to virtually check-in. A reminder will be sent 24 hours before if you have not yet completed the check-in proves.  Through this process you will complete the paperwork that you would customarily complete at the office after you arrive.  Once completed, your updated information will be available in our system. You can view it at any time by clicking “Visits” in your MyChart portal.  Patients who utilize this feature will just have to stop by the front desk to alert staff they have arrived to complete their registration.

If you would like to request a referral, simply click the Menu icon at the top left, select Request a Referral and follow the prompts.

We’ve expanded access to the Emergency Team at the Elliot and providers at Southern NH Health Immediate Care by offering Virtual Visits from the comfort of your home. Click Visits, then on the Appointments and Visits tab, click Schedule an Appointment (green box). Under “tell us why you are coming in” click Virtual ER visit or Virtual Immediate Care and follow the prompt. Please note, you must be physically in the state of NH to use these services.

In your menu, click Letters, and then click on any letter to open it. (The print icon is in the upper right corner).

Log in to MyChart. In the Menu at the top left, choose Medical Record Request Form. Or click here to access the form: Medical Record Request Form

Under Menu at the top left, choose Request Radiology Images, or click here to log in and access the form: Radiology Record Request Form Please note, that reports will be published to MyChart, however, the images will need to be mailed to you.

Choose the Menu tab at the top left of the page and click Document Center, choose My Documents, select the visits you wish, and either choose to view, download, or send to the email address of your choosing.

Choose Menu at the top left and click on Health Summary. Then choose “Immunizations”.  (The print icon is under Health Summary).

Click on Test Results in your menu.

Check off Show Hospital Results to display any hidden tests. Click on any test to view the result and comments from your provider. (The print icon is in the upper right corner).

SolutionHealth publishes test results including pathology results to MyChart SolutionHealth immediately when they are resulted unless after speaking with your provider you have decided to wait on them being released until your provider has had a chance to review.  We currently do not publish HIV, however, your provider may share them manually, or you can request them electronically by logging in here: Request Medical Record.

Please note, to reduce the number of notifications you receive, we will notify you no more than once per day when new test/imaging results are available.

Through our SolutionHealth MyChart patient portal, simply log on to your MyChart account and you will be able to access helpful bill pay information in the Pay My Bill section, including:

  • Bill Pay: Online bill pay is convenient and easy to set up, based on your preferences. In addition, payment plans with recurring automatic payments and paperless billing are available through MyChart. You do not need to be a registered MyChart user to pay bills.  Registering with MyChart allows easy access to all of your account information, but you do not have to be registered to pay bills online through MyChart access. If you know the amount you want to pay and do not need to look up specific information, you can pay your bill by opening the SolutionHealth MyChart log-in page and click, “Pay as a Guest” and follow the prompts.
  • Paperless Billing: Patients with SolutionHealth MyChart accounts are automatically set up to receive paperless bills. With 24/7 access to billing information, MyChart users will be able to quickly view and print billing statements – and receive notifications when new statements are ready to view, and payments are due. If you wish to opt out of paperless billing and receive a paper statement in the mail, follow the prompts in the billing summary section of your MyChart portal.
  • Set Up a Recurring Payment Plan: You can sign up for a MyChart recurring payment plan by logging in to your MyChart account and clicking on the Menu (upper left corner of the page).  Click on Billing Summary under the Billing section of the Your Menu page, then click, Set Up Payment Plan.  Your payments are based on your current charges, and you may have additional options for payments in MyChart Bill Pay. If you need help with your payment plan, call our customer service team at 603-338-6913.

Need Help With SolutionHealth MyChart

Login issues and password reset assistance

Can’t log on?

  • Make sure you are logging in with the email you used when you activated your account, even if that email is now obsolete for you. Once you log in with that email, you can change it to your new email by selecting Change Account Settingsin the “Account Settings” section of the Menu.
  • Make sure your Caps Lock key is not on. The password field is case-sensitive.
  • Make sure you have not entered extra spaces in either your email, username, or password.

Forgot your username?

  • On the SolutionHealth MyChart page, click “Forgot username” under the Sign-in This will open the Recover Your MyChart Username window.  Follow the instructions in the window.

SolutionHealth MyChart Help Desk

The SolutionHealth MyChart portal was created to help you play an active role in your health care experience. If you are having trouble navigating the system, our team is available to help Monday-Friday, 7:00a.m. to 7:00p.m.  Call us at 1-888-243-7153.

SolutionHealth SMS Terms and Conditions.

When you sign up for text messages from SolutionHealth, you are signing up to receive text messages related to your relationship with visits at any of our members (Elliot Health System, Southern NH Health, Home Health & Hospice Care), including updates related to your visits, your SolutionHealth MyChart account, one-time passcode, billing notifications, prescription reminders, and care management. You can opt-out of SMS messages by texting STOP to respective short code. Your opt-out request will generate one final message confirming that you have been unsubscribed. You will no longer receive SMS messages from the short code you opted out from. If you want to join again, sign up using SolutionHealth MyChart or text HELP to the short code for instructions. If you are experiencing issues with the messaging program you can reply with the keyword HELP for more assistance. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Message and data rates may apply for any messages sent to you from us and to us from you. Message frequency may vary. Our Privacy Policy is here. Contact us through our web form at:
SolutionHealth FAQ