Clinical Program Development

We are focused on understanding clinical needs that patients can’t find in our region and those that will be of increasing demand as we are home to one of the fastest growing population of baby-boomers in the nation. Collaborations of providers and staff are evaluating data and information that will inform how, when and where clinical programs will develop to assure exceptional quality, local access, and shared communication to drive exceptional patient care.

These priorities include: Program Development, Behavioral Health and Advocacy.

Program Development

We take seriously our responsibility as good stewards of our resources and, on behalf of our patients, efficiently and effectively providing easy, convenient access to exceptional quality care.

SolutionHealth is proud to have providers and staff working together on program development that maintains exceptional quality and ease of access for patients, without the costs associated with maintaining redundant back-up technology, and leveraging the talents of our staff to assure we are able to meet current and emerging needs.

We have invested in creating uniform EMR system – the gold standard “EPIC” system – that as of launch across the system in late 2020 allows all of our patients and providers to have access to everything they need to assure proper care coordination, management and outcomes.

Behavioral Health

SolutionHealth is proud to reflect community-based leadership, advocacy and partnerships that address the urgent behavioral health needs of those we serve. Our clinical program and providers are at the forefront of our efforts, with a diverse and growing array of services and specialists dedicated to assuring behavioral and mental health are integrated with patient’s physical health and well-being, with acute and crisis-based care also available when and where it is needed.

  • Like other hospitals across New Hampshire, both Elliot Medical Center and Southern New Hampshire Medical Center have introduced clinical areas for patients who are in acute crisis and awaiting placement at New Hampshire Hospital or other “designated receiving facilities” equipped to provide care and treatment.
  • Because the needs for this type of care is so great in our region, SolutionHealth is allowing each organization to collaborate to place patients more quickly in each organization’s respective inpatient or short-term care units.
  • In addition to working with the Commissioner of Public Health on options to reduce the number of patients who are in acute crisis and forced to wait in Emergency Departments until beds at NH Hospital and other designated receiving facilities become available
  • We are aligning our inpatient and outpatient programs to assure patients have easy access to treatment for addiction and substance abuse disorders, anxiety disorders and other behavioral and mental health challenges.
  • We sponsored a training for more than 70 providers in our region to become certified in Medically Assisted Treatment, and we are now focused on a clinical program to assure patients have easy and convenient local access MAT.


Improving the health of our community means not only understanding the needs of those we serve, but also being advocates, facilitators and partners with others who share our commitment. “Access to care” is more than just making sure we have an adequate supply of health care providers, but also includes meeting the needs of individuals who lack the tools and resources vital to maintaining health and well-being. SolutionHealth is proud to align clinicians and leadership from our member organizations in advocating on behalf of the individuals we serve.

  • We value our ability to contribute to legislative and executive policy discussions at both the state and federal levels while also embracing the fact that advocacy extends far beyond policy.
  • We are vigorous proponents of an expanded view of healthcare and are invested in solutions addressing social determinants of health.
  • Our clinicians and staff connect patients to community based resources and advocate to health insurance companies on patients’ behalf, ensuring that patients’ medical and non-medical needs are met.
  • SolutionHealth leaders are involved in Community Health Needs Assessments across our region, which enables the collection, analysis and sharing of extensive data regarding current and emerging health needs.
  • We forge collaborative partnerships with a variety of organizations, from local schools to food pantries and domestic violence shelters, to support every aspect of our population’s health and well-being.

Massachusetts General Hospital Affiliation

SolutionHealth is committed to developing innovative ways to improve the health and well-being of the individuals in our community. In line with this promise, SolutionHealth established a system-level clinical affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in 2021. This relationship enables MGH experts to collaborate with the trusted caregivers at both Southern New Hampshire Health and The Elliot to meet patients’ complex or highly specialized needs. This affiliation also allows SolutionHealth patients easy access to second opinions, specialized surgical services, clinical trials, and other services provided by one of the world’s top hospitals while staying close to home.

Southern New Hampshire Health has a long-standing relationship with MGH, and SolutionHealth teams already work closely with MGH experts at the SolutionHealth Cancer Institute. In the coming months and years, this relationship will expand to include vascular services, with the development of the SolutionHealth Vascular Center in collaboration with MGH. The long-term goal is to deliver integrated expert care in several specialties – including oncology, vascular, thoracic, pediatrics, and more – right here in southern New Hampshire.