The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has deployed a 24-person medical response team from its National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) to Elliot Hospital to provide additional clinical care and support to assist in caring for the increasing influx of patients from this latest surge in the COVID-19 pandemic. The team was provided at the request of the state of New Hampshire, and in collaboration with FEMA and arrives on December 11. The team will be onsite through December 23.


“Hospitals across the state are facing record challenges during this latest surge. At The Elliot, we are now caring for the highest level of COVID positive admissions we have seen since the start of the pandemic – and it continues to rise. Our traditional ICU has been at capacity for some time now, and our surge ICU is also continuing to fill,” said Dr. Greg Baxter, President of Elliot Health System. “We are thankful to receive this additional support, and to be able to utilize their help to further expand our efforts to care for these critically ill patients and to support our staff.”


The NDMS team will work alongside Elliot staff to provide short-term surge support. The federal team of 24 provides a mix of clinical expertise including a board-certified emergency physician, advanced healthcare practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, paramedics, a respiratory therapist, and safety, logistics, and administrative support specialists.


“This pandemic is far from over,” said Michael Player, NDMS team commander. “The incredible staff at Elliot Hospital continue to work tirelessly to help protect this community and safe lives, but they need help. We are here to give their staff some much-needed and well-deserved relief. It is an honor to be here to provide that respite while ensuring this community receives the best health care possible.”