SolutionHealth cancer care coordinators at Southern New Hampshire Health and nurse navigators at Elliot Health System are explaining what it’s like to help patients through their cancer journey.

A cancer care coordinator or nurse navigator works closely with a patient, their doctors, and other care team members. They help patients learn about and understand their diagnosis and treatment options while also coordinating all steps needed to make sure the patient receives the best possible care.

Maryanne Mercier, RN, is a cancer care coordinator at Southern New Hampshire Health. “Cancer is a complex health condition that impacts patients on many levels. My approach focuses on whole person care, quality of life, offering support and resources throughout the continuum of cancer care. I strive to educate patients and their families through this unfamiliar time, supporting them as they make the best decisions for their care. It is gratifying knowing that I have helped ease some of their distress, empowering them through the cancer experience,” Mercier explains.

Mercier has been in her current role for over 13 years. Her nursing career spans 40 years, all in oncology and end of life care.

“When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it can be an anxious and uncertain time. I want them to know they have the support of our team to help with treatment decisions and help find needed resources depending on their unique circumstances. We also collaborate with Mass General Hospital, ensuring we have the highest quality of care to offer them, working directly with their MGH team to offer the best standard of care possible,” Mercier says.