When 57-year-old Wilton, NH resident David Anderson decided to address the weight issues he faced on and off throughout his life, he took a step that changed his life beyond his expectations. His decision led to success with Southern New Hampshire Weight Management in Nashua.

“In December of 2021, I stepped on the scale and saw that I weighed 296 pounds – the heaviest that I had ever been. I was also taking medication to help with hypertension and my cholesterol level. I was concerned, and I knew it was time for change,” David said. “In spring of 2022, I contacted Southern New Hampshire Weight Management to start the process of taking control of my health. I was so impressed with Dr. Catania when we met. He listened to my concerns and made me feel comfortable with the steps I needed to take, which I learned would include gastric bypass surgery.”

After talking with his primary care physician for a referral, David began working with a nutritionist at Southern New Hampshire Weight Management to start his weight loss before surgery. “With the help of a nutritionist, I lost 19 pounds even before gastric bypass surgery. After the surgery, I was fortunate to have almost no pain, and the weight continued to come off.”

After the surgery, David also continued to meet with a nutritionist and had check ins from the staff at Southern New Hampshire Weight Management. “All of the staff are fantastic. They work closely as a team, and I had every aspect of my weight loss covered in a consistent way before, during, and after surgery. They truly help you with anything you need,” said David.




Connecting with other people who are working through their own weight loss makes patients feel supported. David said, “I joined Zoom support groups with patients who were pre- and post-operation. It was helpful to know that I wasn’t alone in what I was going through. All during my patient experience with Southern New Hampshire Weight Management, I was supported and participated in the medical decisions.”

Today, David weighs 161 pounds. He no longer takes medications for hypertension or elevated cholesterol. David said, “My energy level is incredible. I own a large area of property that requires a lot of upkeep. Because of the care I received from Southern New Hampshire Weight Management, I easily keep up with my activities and I have energy to spare. Just as amazing, I am now sleeping better and no longer need assistance from a CPAP machine.”

David said, “I would absolutely recommend Southern New Hampshire Weight Management to anyone who needs medical help with weight loss. My goal is to educate people about this option. Don’t wait, if you feel ready—taking the first step can change your life.”