SolutionHealth is pleased to announce that Elliot Health System has recently acquired a new MRI scanner that aims to empower physicians and improve the patient experience! Patients can now expect a faster, more comfortable, and more accurate MRI exam at The Elliot.

“We wanted to find the best of both worlds,” says Donna Daley, RT(R), (MR), CRA, Radiology Clinical Operations Manager at The Elliot. “On one hand, we were looking for the MRI scanner that delivered the best possible images. On the other, we wanted our patients to have the best possible experience. The MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T MRI really brought it all together for us.”

The MAGNETOM Sola addresses the key challenge that all patients are different. They each have different bodies, different conditions, and different needs. MAGNETOM Sola automatically accommodates these anatomical and physiological differences. These factors help decrease the need for rescans and increase scan consistency across a diverse patient population.  These patients are accommodated with a 70-cm wide bore and anatomy-adaptive coils to improve patient comfort while delivering the best signal possible.

“The MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T MRI is a dramatic leap forward in MRI technology, and exemplifies our commitment to providing excellent care to our patients,” Daley says.

The machine that’s being replaced was installed in 2004 at the Mammoth Road location and later moved to the hospital in 2011. MRI Technologists will all undergo significant training on the MAGNETOM Sola and are excited for the opportunity to improve patient care at the Elliot Hospital.