On March 30th, we mark National Doctors’ Day. The date serves as a reminder and an opportunity for us to pause and express our sincere gratitude to you for your commitment, passion, skill, and collegiality all year long.

While you are focused on meeting the needs of our patients, it’s important to reflect on the lasting impact you make on improving the health and wellbeing of communities around us for generations to come. When we think of words to describe your work, we think of caring, empathetic, accomplished, and resilient.

As a community, health care physicians, providers, and staff have been through some of the most difficult years during COVID-19 as well as surges in other conditions. You have stayed steady to not only address the acute needs of our patients, but have remained vigilant over time, to ensure our patients received high quality and compassionate care. You have served as a reminder that we can surmount any challenge when we stay true to our commitment of excellent patient care and when we support each other.

Your commitment to serve and demonstrate unwavering leadership regardless of what comes your way is your legacy with Elliot Health System. Please know it is seen, valued, and deeply appreciated.

Today, and every day of the year, we express our gratitude for you. We hope you enjoy National Doctors’ Day and remember how grateful we are for you.


Dr. Greg Baxter
President and CEO, Elliot Health System

Dr. Kevin Desrosiers
Chief Medical Officer, Elliot Acute Care Services and VP, Medical Affairs

Dr. Holly Mintz
Chief Medical Officer, Elliot Ambulatory Care Services