SolutionHealth (parent organization of Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health) and Home Health & Hospice Care (HHHC) have reached another milestone in the process to combine services to provide enhanced post-acute care services to the people of southern New Hampshire.

A Definitive Agreement to combine entities has been developed by both organizations.  Details and notice of the proposed affiliation have now been submitted for regulatory review and approval.

The proposed affiliation centers on HHHC (including the Community Hospice House) becoming part of SolutionHealth, alongside Elliot Health System, the VNA of Manchester and Southern New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire Health, and developing a fully integrated, regionally-coordinated system of post-acute care.

The affiliation will allow for increased access to clinical expertise, seamless information technology, and new and innovative programs and services, all utilizing the expertise of two of the region’s most experienced home health agencies as a foundation.

“Offering services as part of a new post-acute care division within SolutionHealth enhances our ability to provide care in patient homes and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.  Sharing a common health care record platform will also help to coordinate care and lead to greater patient satisfaction. At the same time, we remain committed to the meaningful relationships that we have developed with all health care providers and will continue to work collaboratively to best serve patients in southern New Hampshire,” said John Getts, HHHC President and CEO.

Under the terms of the proposed affiliation, HHHC will keep its name and remain an independently licensed, not-for-profit, charitable health care organization.  While becoming part of the SolutionHealth family, HHHC will maintain its own board of trustees, community connections, and fundraising activities.

“Our goal remains to provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure access to high-quality post-acute care throughout southern New Hampshire,” said Sherry Hausmann, President and CEO of SolutionHealth.  “We are excited about the possibilities this combination can bring.  HHHC is a true leader in post-acute care and we are thrilled to be partnering with them to provide these important services to our community.”

For patients and providers, this partnership offers many benefits, including an integrated medical record which will close care gaps and improve patient outcomes, expanded access to care, greater clinical specialty sophistication, enhanced community education and volunteer programs, increased population health and wellness offerings, and improvements to clinical and operational efficiency. Coming together will also improve the coordination of staff resources and support the ability to retain and enhance clinical workforce teams.

Assuming satisfactory completion of regulatory reviews, the parties expect the proposed combination to take effect by early 2022.  Part of the process includes holding at least one public hearing session where residents will be invited to learn more and offer input.  This forum, held in conjunction with state officials, will be announced at a later date.


About the parties:

SolutionHealth ( Southern New Hampshire Health in Nashua and Elliot Health System in Manchester came together to form SolutionHealth in 2018. Our mission is to provide the best care possible for the communities we serve with a commitment to innovative models of care and collaboration that positively impact the health and well-being of more than half a million residents of our region. We start with committing to do the right thing, for each patient, every time.

Home Health & Hospice Care ( has been a provider of services since 1883, making it the region’s oldest provider of home care services.  Serving 25 communities in southern New Hampshire, including Nashua, Derry, Salem, Merrimack, and beyond, HHHC provides traditional home care, including nursing, rehabilitation, therapies, medical social work, and licensed nursing assistants.  HHHC’s hospice team cares for patients in their homes, in nursing facilities, and in a Community Hospice House owned and operated by HHHC.

The VNA of Manchester and Southern New Hampshire ( is a subsidiary of Elliot Health System and a member of SolutionHealth, and has been a provider of home care services since 1897, helping residents of the Greater Manchester community recover from surgery and face the challenges of physical disabilities and short-term, chronic, or life-limiting illnesses. VNA serves 42 communities.  Services are provided in the home and include traditional homecare as well as telehealth remote monitoring and virtual visits.  Hospice care is provided in homes and nursing facilities.