Dr. Holly Mintz

Innovation and excellence in care by The Elliot are receiving national recognition! Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Elliot Medical Goup Ambulatory Services, Dr. Holly Mintz was recently invited to two national conferences to share The Elliot’s best practices and offer her perspective to help with further innovation in the healthcare industry.

On June 4, at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA, Dr. Mintz spoke to health AI developers from around the world at a summit that focused on the current and potential use of AI in the industry. Dr. Mintz spoke about the importance of AI in improving the quality of care and interaction between providers and patients. Our providers are focused on ensuring high-quality care, and with AI-powered Dragon Ambient Experience (DAX), many are using voice recognition technology to help with documentation during patient visits, helping providers to focus more fully on patients who are in the room.

Dr. Mintz also spoke about the larger potential of DAX technology to help with documentation in nursing and other areas – with the goal of improving the interaction between nurses and providers with patients and lessening the burden of documentation to help nurses and providers spend more time on patient care. Dr. Mintz was one of three healthcare providers who spoke – the other two represented Vanderbilt University and University of Michigan – both research-focused institutions.

During a webinar hosted by Becker’s Healthcare on May 28th, Dr. Mintz spoke about access to behavioral health services and innovation to improve access. She was joined by another large health system in Houston, TX. She discussed The Elliot’s success in using telehealth to assess the needs of behavioral health patients and connect them with resources they need more quickly.

“I was proud to represent The Elliot at both conferences along with large healthcare and research organizations. We are innovative and truly committed to being the first choice to give and receive care. I was honored to be invited and welcomed the opportunity to share the great work our teams are doing!” said Dr. Mintz.