Elliot Hospital offers two innovative technologies and procedures to help patients fight coronary artery disease, the most common type of heart disease. Shockwave IVL (Intravascular Lithotripsy) and coronary orbital atherectomies are used based on patients’ needs, sometimes in combination, in order to break up calcium in arteries and assist with stent implantation. With access to these leading technologies, patients gain even better outcomes, and return to their activities sooner.

The Shockwave IVL (Intravascular Lithotripsy) system is an effective, leading-edge technology that modifies resistant calcium blockages in a patient’s coronary arteries. Shockwave uses sonic pressure waves to fracture challenging calcium, while minimizing trauma to a patient’s vessel wall. The Elliot is one of a limited number of hospitals to offer this procedure in New Hampshire, allowing Elliot patients to stay close to home during their treatment.

The Elliot also offers coronary orbital atherectomies to patients. Dr. David Prutzman with Elliot Cardiovascular Consultants uses his training and experience to bring this capability to patients. This diamond-tipped device transmits pulsatile energy, with a dual mechanism of sanding superficial calcium and fracturing deep calcium. The oscillatory motion also permits blood flow through the artery during treatment, helping to minimize risk.

“These interventional techniques to manage difficult coronary artery disease expands availability of less invasive treatment options, while potentially avoiding more invasive ones such as open heart surgery,” said Dr. David Prutzman, Interventional Cardiologist with Elliot Cardiovascular Consultants. “I am pleased to offer these technologies to our patients, which helps them stay closer to home for treatment. Now more than ever, we can reduce risk, speed up recovery time, increase convenience for patients, and improve health outcomes.”

A patient of Dr. Prutzman, Mike Larivee, shared his experience. “For many years I had trouble walking distances, and issues with fainting. I visited the office to find out why and learned that two of my arteries were blocked. When I met with Dr. Prutzman, he explained my test results and treatment options with professionalism, confidence, and warmth. I continue to follow his guidance carefully, because I trust him. Connor, a nurse in the Catheterization Lab, is also incredible, helping me to feel more at ease and prepared for the procedures. I always felt like I was in good hands,” said Mike. “The providers at Elliot Cardiovascular Consultants are truly wonderful, and the treatment is life changing. I don’t need to leave New Hampshire for outstanding care—I can stay closer to home. Importantly, after the procedures I felt no pain and was able to return to work. I am grateful for the care that I am receiving, I and would absolutely recommend it for others who need it.”

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