Elliot Health System is partnering with Manchester Community College and ApprenticeshipNH to provide an opportunity for students to launch a career as Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs). After eight paid weeks of intensive classroom study, lab work, and a clinical practicum with a mentor, students are eligible to sit for the Nurse Assistant Competency Evaluation (NACE) national exam and become licensed LNAs. Upon successful completion of the program, qualified students are offered full-time employment as an LNA at Elliot Health System.


Becky Marden, Director of Workforce Development & Experience, says, “This is a great opportunity for people who would like to begin a career in healthcare to become licensed at no expense to themselves, get practical training, and be assured a paying position at the end of the apprenticeship program.”

Students are paid as full-time employees the minute they set foot in the classroom, enabling them to focus on their coursework without juggling another job. Much of the tuition costs are covered by federal grants, and SolutionHealth pays for the balance of the tuition and also pays the new hires/students an hourly rate while in class. In some cases, a student’s costs, including books and materials, are entirely covered.


Once licensed, opportunities for growth continue, explains Marden. “Elliot Health System offers job shadows, tuition reimbursement programs, a loan forgiveness program, and career development with a certified career coach to all employees. It’s not only a terrific way for us to attract and retain talented staff, but it offers our LNAs opportunity, encouragement, and room to grow.”


Sarah Hamel, a recent program graduate shared her experience: “This program is unique in that it allowed me to transition from my previous employer because of the compensation provided along with covering the cost of the course. As a result, I was able to solely focus on my theory and clinical work with the comfort of a guaranteed position at the hospital.” She continues, “This program was my pathway into healthcare with a long-term goal of becoming an RN. The hospital has continued to support my ongoing career development by providing financial reimbursement, support, and flexibility from management and staff.”


A new LNA apprenticeship cohort will begin in October 2023. For more information, visit https://pm.healthcaresource.com/CS/elliot#/job/29168.