Emergency Department Named for Irving and Bernice Singer

Today, Elliot Hospital unveiled its expanded and renovated Emergency Department at an open house held onsite. This multi-phase construction project, which began with a groundbreaking ceremony in June 2021, officially opens to the community on June 13.  The cornerstone of the renovation project included a 22,000 sq. ft. expansion of the existing building that allows for a clinically superior patient environment with enhanced privacy, and improved operational flow for staff and patients. The new center is being named the Irving and Bernice Singer Emergency Department to honor the Singer family for their devotion to the greater Manchester area and improving the lives of others.

The Elliot’s ER is the busiest in New Hampshire and is the southern New Hampshire region’s only ACS Level II Trauma center, currently averaging more than 55,000 patients per year. The expansion and renovation:

  • Adds 28 new private exam rooms for a total of 32 private exam rooms, increasing privacy for a more comfortable, healing environment for patients
  • Boasts three new state-of-the-art trauma rooms that provide cutting-edge technology for superior trauma care and advance our ability to treat critical and life-threatening injuries
  • Provides an expanded rapid triage and treatment area to evaluate and quickly respond to patient needs with nine new dedicated bays and three new triage rooms

Built based on best practices learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, the new ER also features advanced infection control with state-of-the-art negative pressure rooms and HVAC technology. Modifications allow providers to better isolate infectious patients, increase ventilation and air filtration systems, and provide additional oxygen ports to care for an increased number of patients, making it better equipped to handle future surges in demand for care.

“We are proud to bring the highest quality of acute and trauma care to patients. We invested in our new Emergency Department to ensure it will be smarter, and that it will provide a greater level of care for ever increasing needs in our community,” said President and CEO of Elliot Health System Dr. Greg Baxter. “We are committed to being ‘Your first choice to give and receive care’, and this incredible facility is a testament to our dedication to achieving this goal.”

In addition to advanced medical and information technology, The Elliot continues to offer southern New Hampshire’s only pediatric emergency department, and embedded psychiatrists and behavioral health specialists to treat the expanding volume of behavioral health emergencies.

Matthew Dayno, MD, FACEP, Section Chief and Medical Director, Elliot Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine, said, “The Elliot provides the highest level of care and responsiveness possible to our patients. The Emergency Department serves patients who are facing emergent illnesses and injuries, and we continue to harness innovation and technology to improve the quality of care and patient experience. This new Emergency Department delivers on our commitment to patients and our talented staff, and I am pleased that The Elliot can bring this level of care to our community.”

A.J. Roberto, whose life was saved at the Elliot ER, said, “Without The Elliot Emergency Department, I wouldn’t be here talking with you today. My kids wouldn’t have a father, Leslie wouldn’t have a husband, my parents wouldn’t have a son…I’m really grateful that they were there and that I’m here to tell you my story. The Elliot is a great hospital. We’re lucky it’s here; we’re lucky we live so close to a world-class hospital like The Elliot.Hear more of A.J.’s story online.

We extend a sincere thank you to our leadership donors who supported this project: Robert Singer, Brady Sullivan Properties and The Elliot Hospital Associates.