Manchester, NH – Elliot Health System is pleased to announce that Jennifer Miller, MSN, RN-BC, Clinical Nurse Educator with Elliot Medical Group, is being honored today with an Excellence in Nursing Award from New Hampshire Magazine. The awards celebrate the very best in nursing to honor those who go above and beyond. Jennifer is receiving the Nurse Educator recognition.

Jennifer has served at Elliot Health System for eight years, which she began in the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). In 2015, she started a Nursing Supervisor role, and she continues this work. The same year, she joined the Nursing Development and Recognition Council, also serving as Chair in 2019 and 2020. In 2016, Jennifer started graduate school at University of New Hampshire, when she took a position in Endoscopy while continuing to serve as a CDU RN. She continued in all three roles until she graduated in 2019 when she began the Ambulatory Nurse Educator position that fall.

Jennifer says, “I am grateful for the organization’s support as I pursued my goal of becoming an educator. The flexibility in the various roles allowed me to complete my studies and focus on my family priorities. With the help of scholarships, Elliot’s Advancing Clinical Excellence program, and tuition reimbursement, I was able to cover two-thirds of the cost of my graduate degree. As a beneficiary of these incredible opportunities, I feel blessed to give back to the organization!”

Colleagues across the organization highly regard Jennifer’s expertise. One of her colleagues says, “[Jennifer] not only demonstrates leadership qualities, she is a natural leader. In the face of adversity, [she] leads by example. There is nothing that she cannot do and no obstacle she cannot plan around. Since the early days of Covid, in March of 2020, [she] has endured personal and professional change without complaint. During the onset of the pandemic, she returned to the bedside in the inpatient setting. When she was called back to the ambulatory setting to partner with the Director of Primary Care Nursing to establish a centralized Covid testing site to serve both the Manchester community and the health system, she did so willingly and with great attention to detail.”

Jennifer’s role helps nurses continue to gain education and grow in their profession to best serve patients. As another colleague says, “She is responsible for providing clinical orientation and ongoing education of students and employees of multiple clinical disciplines, including Medical Assistants, LNAs, LPNs, and RNs, across approximately 40 clinical areas in primary care and specialty care. She recognizes the talents, strengths, and areas of potential development needed in all of her students and proactively communicates these to the team leaders who will be receiving these employees and students in order to recognize and maximize the entire team’s potential.”

Throughout nursing staff and among Elliot Health System leadership, she is greatly valued and respected.

“Jennifer is outstanding, and we are pleased that she is being recognized. She is one of hundreds of compassionate and expert Elliot nurses dedicated to caring for our patients and the community every day – a calling that was especially evident during the past year,” says Martha Leighton, Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer at Elliot Health System. “We are grateful to Jennifer and all of her colleagues for their ongoing commitment to providing the highest-quality care throughout our health system.”