Southern New Hampshire Health is pleased to announce that Jennifer Marcotte, Southern NH Medical Center Trauma Program Manager, has been appointed by Commissioner Robert Quinn to the Trauma Medical Review Committee (TMRC) for the State of New Hampshire. Marcotte will represent the New Hampshire Emergency Nurses Association on this committee.

Marcotte has been with Southern New Hampshire Health since 2021 and is dual board-certified in Trauma (TCRN) and Emergency (CEN) nursing and has worked in this specialty since 2016. She is a Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) Director, instructing TNCC since 2020, educating and certifying critical care RNs in the Emergency Department, ICU, and Post Anesthesia Care Unit on trauma care. She is a Stop the Bleed instructor, teaching life-saving bleeding control tactics to healthcare professionals and the lay-person alike.

Marcotte understands the weight of the appointment and says, “I am honored, humbled, and grateful to represent the hundreds of emergency department nurses throughout the State of NH in this vital work. I look forward to bringing relevant, evidence-based education to the various participating trauma hospitals and will use my knowledge of state and national trauma standards to assist in establishing trauma programs across New Hampshire in various organizations in pursuit of their initial trauma designation”.

About the Trauma Medical Review Committee

The Trauma Medical Review Committee was enabled by the State of New Hampshire Legislature to provide clinical leadership to our Statewide Trauma System. The TMRC assures that the State Trauma Plan follows national guidelines and clinical evidence, that New Hampshire’s Trauma System adheres to these guidelines, and assists Trauma System organizations in order to support and improve trauma care across the state. The TMRC includes physicians and surgeons representing different organizations and specialties, emergency and trauma nurses, representatives from statewide EMS-related organizations and hospitals, and representatives of other entities that play an important role in trauma care and injury prevention.

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