Local father, Ryan Comstock, recently took his daughter to the Elliot Hospital Emergency Department for much needed care due to a viral form of pneumonia. This visit was stressful, but successful, as hospital staff are fighting COVID-19 harder than ever while caring for many patients with other acute needs.

Ryan shared, “Everyone expects when they show up in their time of need, that there’s going to be enough staff and there’s going to be a bed ready for you at a hospital, and it’s just not the case right now anywhere.” He went on to say, “Once you’re in the hospital and realize how hard everyone is working to make sure that you’re safe and that your family’s safe, it’s greatly appreciated.” He continued, “We really need to support our healthcare workers. When I was growing up, I was raised that when you saw someone in uniform you thanked them, and you shook their hand when they walked by. And now, it’s the case when you see someone walk by in scrubs. Thank them, be appreciative. They’re burnt out—they’re working twice as hard as anybody else and it’s all for us.”









Ryan and his family decided to express their gratitude and support for Elliot healthcare staff by dropping off thank you cards and gift cards to local businesses for staff to use. More than 50 people and four restaurants contributed. Most importantly, the gesture of support from Ryan and his family helps our community during an extremely challenging time.

Thank you, Comstock family!