The Pearl Manor Fund Advisory Committee, chaired by Richard Rawlings of the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Board, recently met and awarded nearly $300,000 to eight local nonprofits, bringing the Pearl Manor Fund total distribution since 2005 to over $3.1 million in grant awards to benefit thousands of local seniors.


The Pearl Manor Fund was established in 2005, when Women’s Aid Home (Pearl Manor) assets were transferred to the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation to create the Pearl Manor Fund. These funds are distributed by community volunteers and leaders through grants to not-for-profit agencies for new and expanded projects and programs to provide assistance, comfort, care, and treatment for the elderly population of Manchester and surrounding communities including, but not limited to safe housing needs, nutritional needs, support groups, home visits, mentoring and social programs, independent living assistance, legal assistance, health care needs, and transportation assistance.


The Boys & Girls Club of Manchester is a first-time recipient of a Pearl Manor Fund grant. The funds will support their Grandfamily Support Program, aimed at providing financial and family support to members living in grandparent-headed households.


According to Natalie Jutras, Director of Development, “We are incredibly grateful for the Pearl Manor Fund’s investment made on behalf of our members living with their grandparents. It is estimated that almost half of the grandparents raising their grandchildren in New Hampshire live at twice the poverty level or below. Our goal is to ensure that income is never a barrier to participating in Club programs or receiving Club services like grab and go meals, groceries, holiday help, dental cleanings, screenings, and mental health counseling for our members and their grandparents.”


Rawlings says the Pearl Manor Fund is pleased to support organizations that benefit New Hampshire’s seniors. “The Pearl Manor Fund only grants funds to nonprofit organizations that serve our senior community,” he says. “Those funds granted have made a difference for those seniors served, from daily meals, vision care, transportation, just to name a couple of the many needs that so many of our seniors need help with.”


The next grant application deadline is September 3, 2021. For more information, or a Pearl Manor Fund grant application, visit