Southern New Hampshire Health has received re-certification as a Primary Stroke Center by Det Norske Veritas Healthcare, Inc (DNV)!

DNV certification is good for three years, but surveyors visit annually to ensure we are up-to-date on the most current guidelines. This year, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the survey was conducted virtually. During the virtual visit, a DNV surveyor reviewed our policies and practices in stroke care and confirmed that they meet the highest standards of evidence-based stroke care. The DNV’s standards incorporate the NIAHO accreditation requirements with the guidelines from the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association.

The surveyor found that Southern New Hampshire Health is fully capable of providing initial diagnostic services, stabilization, emergency care, and therapies—including timely thrombolytic therapy when appropriate—to patients suffering an acute stroke. Furthermore, it demonstrated our ability to provide high-quality post-acute care in our inpatient units or arrange for timely stabilization and transfer to our associates at MGH for those patients who require a higher level of neurological care and intervention. In addition, the surveyors reviewed our community outreach efforts to ensure that we are educating those in our community about the importance of recognizing stroke symptoms early and calling 911 immediately.

“By achieving and maintaining Primary Stroke Center certification, patients in our community can feel comforted knowing that, in the event of a stroke, they will have access to excellent care, giving them a chance at the best possible outcomes. It also provides local EMS assurance that Southern is a key local partner in the care of stroke patients,” Elizabeth Army, Quality Management Coordinator at Southern New Hampshire Health, says.

During the visit, Dee Behrens, RN, the DNV stroke surveyor, said, “There are great things going on there!”

She also noted a few excellent efforts particularly the education that the CT techs have received, the social media posts shared by the Office of Strategic Communication about stroke symptoms/getting to the ED right away (especially during the COVID-19 crisis), and the plans for providing stroke education to the Nashua Police Department and local bus driver.

Southern New Hampshire Health was first awarded the DNV Primary Stroke Center certification in 2014. This is the second successful re-certification.

Congratulations to our team of expert caregivers and the support staff who make re-certification possible!