On the evening of October 20, Southern New Hampshire Health came together to honor and celebrate the dedication and commitment of our Medical Assistants (MAs). The event featured key leaders who delivered remarks acknowledging the exceptional work of those who make a significant difference in the lives of patients and providers. Among the distinguished speakers were Colin McHugh, President and CEO; Rebecca Cooper-Piela, Chief Quality Officer; Dr. Salvatore Vella, Chief Medical Officer; and Julie Tuttle-Varney, Director of Ambulatory Clinical Services. The event shone a spotlight on two exceptional MAs who received prestigious awards.

The 2023 Excellence in Specialty Care award was given to Darlene Elderd, MA, who serves at the Center for Recovery Management. Darlene’s dedication and commitment to the specialized needs of her patients were evident to all, making her a shining example of what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty. Her consistently “respectful and compassionate” approach with every patient sets her apart.

The 2023 Primary Care Excellence award was presented to Tabitha Reichl, CCMA, from the Nashua Center for Internal Medicine. Tabitha’s commitment to the field of primary care and her exceptional clinical skills set her apart as a person of excellence in her profession. Tabitha was especially noted for how hard she works to “remove barriers to care delivery” as well as her patient-centered and personable approach.

Southern New Hampshire Health’s Medical Assistants Recognition Event not only celebrated the individual achievements of these outstanding MAs but also underscored the pivotal role that MAs play in the healthcare system. It served as a reminder that the work of these remarkable individuals extends beyond clinical tasks; it encompasses leadership, collaboration, clinical expertise, process improvement, and continuous personal and professional growth. The event was a tribute to those exemplify the Southern New Hampshire Health’s commitment to excellence in healthcare.