On September 14th, Melissa, Patrick, and their daughter Sophia joyfully welcomed twins Thomas and Colin into the Keaveney family at The Birth Place at Southern NH Medical Center. Four years earlier, Sophia had been born in the same place, and everything had been “uncomplicated and fantastic.” While the pregnancy and delivery of the twins was less typical, the journey was made easier by compassionate, competent, and communicative staff at all practices. In the end, the new family of five are all grateful, happy, and healthy.

Throughout both pregnancies, Melissa was under the care of Dr. Ann Lo, from Foundation OB/GYN, who she describes as “an exceptional OB/GYN” and Sara Amory, APRN, who is “equally fantastic.” This time, Melissa, being 41 years old, faced a high-risk pregnancy and was closely monitored.

The team at Foundation OB/GYN quickly decided to send Melissa to Elliot Maternal Fetal Medicine for bi-weekly ultrasounds to monitor her and the twins’ health. After each visit, the physicians at both practices maintained close contact with each other and Melissa. The pregnancy, although challenging, remained healthy, but Melissa developed diabetes and hypertension, soon adding complexity to her journey.

At 34 weeks, the critical decision was made to move up the date of Melissa’s planned C-section, as the twins were healthy enough to deliver, but Melissa’s health was at risk. The staff at both practices collaborated quickly and efficiently to schedule a C-section with Dr. Lo at The Birth Place the next day.

From the moment Melissa checked in, she said, “Everything was fantastic.” The seamless communication between all practices and the familiarity with her as a patient made the experience reassuring and comforting.

The surgery went well, and the medical staff were sensitive to the daunting nature of a C-section and worked to make Melissa and her husband feel comfortable and reassured. Their “upfront and relatable” demeanor, coupled with “great bedside manner from all providers and nurses,” left a lasting impression. Melissa remembers that “the staff had the highest level of compassion.”

Thomas and Colin were immediately admitted to the Special Care Nursery due to their premature birth. Melissa’s daily calls for updates were met with a warm reception; she was always greeted by name and never felt like she was “bothering” the staff.

The Special Care Nursery operated 24/7, providing consistent updates and ensuring Melissa felt better with each interaction. “I knew they were getting the care they needed and I was not able to provide; I was very comfortable leaving them. Everything was explained clearly and in a digestible manner, with ample time for questions.” Daily communication with the nurse in charge further reinforced the sense of care and attention.


Melissa recalls that the Special Care Nursery “functioned like a well-oiled machine, and its staff operated as a cohesive unit with stellar communication.” The small, intimate, and clean environment added to the overall comfort. Lindsey Sliwerski, Director of Maternal and Child Health, extended her kindness to big sister Sophia, which made the experience easier and less overwhelming.

Discharge was informative and practical, avoiding unnecessary information overload. The nursery kept his crib available for visits when Colin came home first, ensuring a seamless transition.

Unfortunately, three weeks into being home, both twins contracted an upper respiratory virus. Their pediatrician, Dr. Danielle Dunetz of Partners in Pediatrics, acted promptly, admitting Thomas immediately and Colin soon after, showcasing their proactive approach to care.

The pediatric nurses, including Natalie, Jean, Kirsten, Makayla, Hannah, Gabby, Janelle, Amy, and Lindsey, proved capable, supportive, and reassuring. Their family-oriented care extended not only to the babies but to Melissa, ensuring she kept herself rested and healthy, too. Dr. Lo also stopped in to check on the three of them, further reassuring Melissa that everyone cared personally and was connected and communicating.

The staff’s combination of compassion, medical knowledge, and administrative competence left a lasting impact. Even the respiratory team displayed a deep understanding of the stress Melissa was experiencing. They maintained a delicate balance of being upfront without overwhelming her and provided the essential information she needed.

Melissa emphasizes the critical role of communication throughout her journey. From the first OB/GYN appointment, to Maternal Fetal Medicine, The Birth Place, the Special Care Nursery, and the Pediatric unit, Melissa explains that “Communication is key, and they got it. We weren’t a number. Everyone and every department communicated with each other. The shift handovers were easy and smooth- everyone was informed, so I was much more comfortable and confident”.

Today, everyone is home and thriving. The Keaveney family’s testimonial is a heartfelt tribute to the exceptional care she and her family received during this remarkable journey.