The 3rd Annual Walk for Hope by The Mary and John Elliot Charitable Foundation at The Elliot is this Sunday. All proceeds from Walk for Hope fundraisers, teams, and sponsors will provide funding for programs and services at the Solinsky Center for Cancer Care at The Elliot, part of the SolutionHealth Cancer Institute. It will also help patients who are going through financial hardship during their cancer journey.

Jessica Jacques, RN, in the Emergency Department at The Elliot is getting ready to walk in honor of her mother-in-law, Alicia Brady, who passed away from pancreatic cancer last December.

“She was diagnosed in July 2019 and underwent an array of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and, unfortunately, complication after complication while fighting her cancer. Despite all that, she never gave up HOPE. Going into this fight we knew the statistics weren’t in our favor, but Alicia survived a lot longer than her doctors had expected her to. Her Oncologist Dr. Crow called her the ‘queen of chemo’, tolerating treatments most wouldn’t, “Jacques says.

To honor her mother-in-law, Jacques and her sister Nicole Howley created a team called “Galloping for Granna” by NH Homes Group.  Jacques said, “Alicia and both her granddaughters love horses, so the name was perfect. Alicia was best known as ‘Granna’ by her grandkids,” Jacques explains. The team will be sporting matching shirts.

Jacques states, “Throughout Alicia’s 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer, the caring and compassionate staff at New Hampshire Oncology and Hematology (NHOH), partner of Elliot Health System, supported not only her but our entire family. Dr. Crow knew exactly what Alicia needed and always encouraged her, giving her hope even in her weakest moments.” Jacques states, “It’s important for us to honor Alicia with this walk because cancer affects EVERYBODY.” Both Jacques and her sister are happy to support the Solinsky Center for Cancer Care at The Elliot in this year’s walk and hope to make it an annual tradition to keep honoring Alicia’s memory.