Dr. Brenna Stapp of Manchester OB/GYN Associates and several Labor and Delivery nurses at Elliot Hospital have stepped up to help as COVID-19 rates are dramatically higher, staffing is stretched, and acute patient needs are rising.


“I heard from some of our nurses who have helped in the Intensive Care Unit about just how full the unit is, with nurses caring for multiple patients. They shared how they were able to help with giving medications, connecting patients and their families using FaceTime, or sitting in 1-to-1 assignments. I thought I would have some free time and wanted to offer another set of hands. After I finished my rounds, I went down to the ICU to see what I could do,” said Dr. Stapp. “Everyone can do something to help. They showed me where the linen and patient care supplies were, and I helped stock the rooms and nurses’ stations. I made a trip to the lab for some blood draw tubes and brought some snacks over the weekend.”


Dr. Stapp said the ICU and Emergency Department staff are working extremely hard to serve as many patients as possible in a busy and complex environment. “Snacks don’t make the work easier but knowing how much they’re appreciated hopefully makes it feel a little lighter. It’s important to show that we care and support each other – and a little appreciation can go a long way. We all play different roles, but we’re all on the same team,” she said.