Three providers are representing SolutionHealth as they participate in the 2021 through 2023 cohort of the New Hampshire Physician Leadership Development Program.

The program is designed to cultivate effective physician leadership within the Granite State from the bedside to the boardroom by teaching management, communication, and leadership skills; furthering effective communication between medical staff and administration; and empowering physicians to foster change among their colleagues.

“This Physician Leadership Development Program offers aspiring physician leaders the opportunity to not only learn and grow as leaders, but to shape the future of health care by serving as change agents within their own organizations as well,” says Steve Ahnen, New Hampshire Hospital Association President.

Launched in 2018 by the New Hampshire Medical Society and the New Hampshire Hospital Association in partnership with the University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics and College of Health and Human Services through a grant from The Physicians Foundation, the Physician Leadership Development Program has supported more than 50 aspiring physicians from across the state.

Among the participants is Robert Sprague, MD, who works at The Elliot via Southern New Hampshire Radiology Consultants. “Leadership has become a central portion of my career as a physician over the past several years,” he says. “Our group of 21 students are all in clinical practice and all serve in various leadership positions throughout New Hampshire. We all bring our own unique experiences and leadership roles, but all have the common goal of wanting to become better leaders. I have also found that we all deal with similar challenges in our leadership roles and this course is designed to give us the tools to deal with those hurdles.”

“I love bedside medicine and I love taking care of patients. If you had asked me when I started at The Elliot if assuming a leadership role was in the cards for me, I would have said no. I’ve learned a lot from my mentors, but I’m excited for a more formal learning experience to become a more effective leader, Jennifer Duprey, DO, MPH, Medical Director of the ICU at both Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health, explains. “The better job that I can do, the better program we will have in place, which means we can provide better care to our patients at the end of the day.”

Meet the SolutionHealth providers participating in the New Hampshire Physician Leadership Development Program:

  • Jennifer Duprey, DO, MPH, Medical Director of the ICU at both Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health
  • Lorenzo Klein, MD, FCCP, ICU at Southern New Hampshire Health
  • Robert Sprague, MD, Southern New Hampshire Radiology Consultants

To learn more about the program, click here.